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> Histoire du Canada
ilmir  Hors ligne
  Ecrit le : Dimanche 14 Octobre 2007 à 14h01
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Je suis tombé sur un news à l'instant, pour ceux qui ont toujours leur Civ III à portée de main, voici un p'tit scénario permettant à priori de revivre l'histoire du Canada :


1. What is Historicanada?

HistoriCanada is a mod pack for Civ3 Conquest v1.22 and Civ3 Complete that is based on the History of Canada. It is intended as a playable fun addition to the Civilization game with a wealth of custom Canadian content. It’s very much a game of ‘What if ...?”; where players can toy with outcomes, now etched in history, but once hanging in the balance. It explores the parameters of history rather than the events, and allows players to live questions like … ”What if the Huron had displaced the 5 Nations Confederacy rather than the other way around?”; or “What if the French had retained Canada, and the English colonies to the East and South had failed to prosper?”

2. Who is HistoriCanada for?

History teachers and high-school students are our primary audience, but we think we’ve designed a game that will appeal to all ages, all Civilization players, and anyone with a passing interest in the history of North America and particularly Canada.
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fandesf  Hors ligne
Ecrit le : Dimanche 14 Octobre 2007 à 14h04
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c'est pas celui-là?

Et oui, il y a encore des gens qui jouent à Civ III !
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